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Girls Closet 
Before & After

Girls need a place to keep their treasures!  This closet was struggling.  Everything was out of reach for these two darling girls.  To make matters worse, the closet had a large wooden door that swung inward; making it very difficult to get to the clothes on the rods.  First, we removed the door and replaced it with a sweet changing curtain, giving the girls plenty of room to dress privately IN the closet.  Second, we went with the color theme they were looking for to dress the space in pretty gray, white and teal, with different coordinating patterns and textures.  Lastly, we divided their things and clearly labeled everything into a  sorted system with lower shelves for the younger sister and higher ones for the older sibling.  They even had room for a sweet shoe shelf and two laundry hampers to keep dirty clothes off the floor!

Basement Room to Bedroom

This basement room was being used as a place for toys, gym equipment and storage.  The homeowner needed to transfer two kids from an upstairs room in order to make life easier for the whole family.  Now this basement room is officially a bedroom that is functional, spacious and comfortable for the whole family!

Mudroom Storage

This mudroom is the first place you come in when entering the home from the garage.  It is every homeowners definition of the place the whole family "dumps stuff".  The home is equipped with another storage area for coats so we chose to eliminate the closet rods, install shelves and stick to organizers for all of the sports equipment, outdoor toys, school supplies and other things that are used on a daily basis.  Make your space work for you and adjust your space according to your lifestyle!


Sometimes there is a room that becomes a "catch all" and needs to have organization in order to give it a function.  This room was not functioning for this family at all.  It was being used for storage (which is very important in their profession).  While this room isn't decorated in a fancy way, by grouping like things together and containing them, we were able to create a space that can be used for office, storage, & closet space for costumes.  Do you recognize anyone familiar?  

Laundry Room

This laundry room is large and multifunctional.  It is truly the heart of the household.  The goal for My Space Organized is to make the homeowner's space fit their needs.  This family has a lot of craft interests, a cute family dog, four children in school, as well as cleaning and laundry that are based out of this room.  By grouping the items together, we were able to make this room off the kitchen feel clean, fresh and functional.  We added a clothing bar with hangers for air drying, a family medicine cabinet and baskets for each child's folded clothing to be put away.  We put together a complete craft cabinet and drawer with all the art supplies to boot.  Don't forget about the metal file holders for each child to store, menus, schedules, papers, instructions, notes etc.  


This homeowner had just moved in and was still getting her pantry loaded.  We left her plenty of space for all of her future purchases.  The shelves are deep, so we used risers in the back.  This way, nothing will get lost behind other items in the front.  We gave all the snacks a home, so that her kids can quickly grab what is needed.  The acrylic bins make it very easy to see what should be replenished and we added beautiful wicker baskets for bags of chips and potatoes and onion.  Happy cooking!